Automation in Pharmaceutical Industry

Automation in Pharmaceutical Industry
Automation in Pharmaceutical Industry

Agile and personalized #technology is the key to staying competitive in this ruthless and rapidly evolving industry.

The consumer is no longer looking for low-cost drugs, but for highly targeted and qualitative treatments.

Investments in personalized medicine have doubled in past years and recent studies project a 33% increase in production of precision therapies by 2025.

At the same time, the demands of the industry itself have changed.

Pharmaceutical organizations increasingly favour continuous production over batch production, which emphasizes high-quality drugs and can be continuously monitored.

This is an emerging technology that is developing at a rate of 13% per year due to its many benefits: it speeds up production, reduces the risk of human error and even limits the need for installations.

How do you switch to low volume production, increase your agility, rethink your production schedules and adapt to meet new demands without eroding your profits?

Automation is a key area of ​​action to protect operators, increase speed and win the market race