Manufacturing cars of the future will be fuelled by cutting-edge technology

Companies that can deploy this technology successfully will emerge as the winners in an exceedingly competitive industry.

We are currently present in 4 automotive sectors:

  • Fitting - Welding of the bodywork: With more than 15 years of experience, we have mastered the systems of point-to-point welding and riveting glues.
  • Power Train - Engine manufacturing: More than 8 years experience in the screwdriving by robots of parts that assemble the engine block, the sealing glue that prevents the escape of oil, the complete assembly managed by an automaton and the de-palettization of a multitude of parts used in manufacturing engines.
  • The Press - Cutting and stamping: Great experience in synchronization of movements between Press.
  • End of line - Finish: Many projects for the installation of sunroofs, the placement of the windows on the bodywork and the measurement of games by robot.