See below some of the more technical projects
that we have taken part in.

Conveyor Tracking Project

• The robot synchronises with the speed of the conveyor
upon removal
• Line Tracking Robot Project: Fanuc at Lindt, Zurich
• Conveyor Tech Robot Project: Kuka at Lavaza, Gatinara

Press Technology Project

• The robots synchronise with one another and with the press in order for them to never stop working
• PressTech Robot Project: Kuka at Renault Trucks for Schuler Pressen

Car Roof Laser Project

• Car roof laser welding in order to join the steel
• Trumpf Laser Technology with Scansonic Regulation at VW, Pamplona

Development Project

• At the PSA Group research and development centre in Belchamp
• The robots are synchronised by a single controller
• Dual System Fanuc Technology written in KAREL

Standard Development Project for AMG

• The robot control system replaces the whole PLC control system
• Fanuc Technology with KAREL programming

Creation of a palletisation standard for Güdel

• Using mathematical calculations, we palletise all types of pallets: circular, square, rectangular…
• More than 55 palletisers have been sold that operate with Robsim’s solution

We specialise in multi-robot coordination and management

• For Magna in Canada, Robsim carried out the robotic coordination of a fleet of more than 600 robots
• For Thyssen Krupp, Robsim carried out the robotic coordination for projects at Mini, Oxford and BMW, Regensburg for more than 1500 robots
• For Mini Nedcar and Porsche Zuffenhausen, Robsim carried out the robotic coordination of a fleet of 390 robots in total
• For Siemsa’s VW Pamplona project, we carried out the coordination of 330 robots


Robsim has taken part

Robsim is a company that specialises in innovative technological development in the domain of industrial robots and automotive applications. Our company develops electrical products and cutting-edge software for a large range of robots.

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