Robsim is a company that specialises in innovative technological
development in the domain of industrial robots and automotive
applications. Our company develops electrical products and cutting-
edge software for a large range of robots, with two main areas of
expertise: Automotive and Palletisation.
Our company develops state-of-the-art electronics and software for a wide range of robots. We are entering a new era of connected, automated, intelligent robotics. The production line is now optimized in every detail to enable economies of scale. ROBSIM responds to the needs and challenges of industrialists, using its technological mastery and experience to organize your production in a profitable way.
We strive to find the optimal solution for you. We think and plan flexibly to meet your specific needs and requirements for every battery cell assembly operation. From the creation of energy to its storage, Battery Cell, Battery Module, Battery Pack.
The manufacture of batteries for energy storage is the focus of attention in all areas of electro-mobility, also in the automotive industry, or in the research and development industry. We have know-how in this field as a system integrator we have developed optimal services for the manufacture of energy storage batteries we cover the entire path of value creation and optimisation for the energy sector and the automotive industry.
For each project, we develop suitable solutions and are able to react flexibly to the trends of a dynamic market. On the production line, people work together with machines and robots to increase the efficiency of tasks and reduce the strain on people.
Robsim optimises palletisation and develops solutions from the creation of your project to the robot programming

In order to further develop areas like the food processing industry, the chemical industry, and the cosmetic industry among others, robotics engineer Bodo Schnelldorfer has developed an expert video system for palletisation.

Currently, the robots need a specific programme for each product that is palletised and each type of pallet. With this solution, the robot automatically recognises the products and the pallets; it calculates their volume and automatically calibrates the loading and unloading of the pallet.

``Because we can help you make your machines faster, more intelligent, more efficient, more profitable, more flexible and more reliable``

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By working with our clients, we have developed tailor-made solutions.


Robsim provides expertise to assist technical services in the domain of industrial robotics and they develop project-specific solutions (related to development and technical maintenance)

Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are numerical control systems used in factories and industrial environments.

Programmable Logic Controllers are especially designed for industrial sectors because of their robustness, reactivity and simplicity as far as maintenance is concerned.

All programmable Logic Controllers are maintained and updated by us, which allows you to gain access to continual technical assistance during the life span of your control systems.

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We handle projects of different types and sizes. Our technical expertise allows us to handle both standard applications and applications that require a more advanced level of technical implementation.

The modelling and IT simulation techniques allow us to understand the industrial flow, involving for example substances, information, workforce and tools.

For the simulation, we take into account the factory’s dynamic behaviour:

Research services for flow simulation in order to analyse industrial projects Research into the profitability of a project. Improvement of flow control and evaluation logics
Coordination of all issues linked to the new sites or improvement of the production organisation of industrial workshops
Building key models following the feasibility study Simulation and analysis of the results Tool training

Technical Review


Functional Analysis


Set-up and Integration




We hold the values of sport close to the heart of our company.

Robsim sponsors ASPTT Tennis, Metz; we have invested and participated in the development of this club.

Robsim is a company that specialises in innovative technological development in the domain of industrial robots and automotive applications. Our company develops electrical products and cutting-edge software for a large range of robots.

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